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So you want to know more about ole’ Trash Can Willys Junk Removal Service?

My name is Steven Heimsath, Im the owner of Trash Can Willys. I started the company after receiving outrageous quotes from local junk removal companies in Nh to get rid of my own junk after moving here from Boston to raise my family. I thought to myself “this is crazy, I can help people get rid of their junk better and for less than these guys”, and so I have. One company in particular was 1-800-got-junk that gave me a quote. I thought the price was crazy and I knew it was inflated to the point it was borderline a rip off. I started the company off with a pickup truck and a small trailer and great personable service. I wanted the company to make getting rid of junk a pleasant and fun experience for the customers as well as our staff. I think there is a big difference when dealing with us rather than a huge corporation some being summarized here:

  • We actually know our customers names
  • No recordings or voice prompts when you call us
  • We work with each customer personally to ensure you get your junk removed at the fairest price we can offer
  • We know who our regular customers are because we treat each customer like our only customer
  • Our staff is very professional, I would say MORE professional than our corporate competitors because of the owner – employee approach we take with regards to training and a “can do happily” company attitutde
  • You will find our staff both pleasant and eager to help you
  • We all actually LIKE OUR JOBS – ask the guys when they come out if they like their job, gauranteed they will say they love it, because our employees are well taken care of, respected, and appreciated. They WANT to do a good job for you, so your happy and our company succeeds
  • Being a small local business we help the local economy and employ good people

Our Mission Statement “Reliable, professional, honest service for a fair price”

Meet Our Crew…

Our Fearless leader Steve Heimsath aka “Willy”

Matt Martin our other fearless leader and General Manager, Matt ensures our crews provide the top-notch service our customers are accustomed to

Steve Haepers our Assistant General Manager, crew leader, and team trainer he is a leader and hilarious at the same time

Nick is a route driver and crew leader for us, very personable and friendly!

This is Tom, clearly not as photogenic as the rest of these pretty boys, he’s the old timer on the crew and works circles around everyone! Tom is a crew leader and driver for us and can make the toughest jobs disappear with ease

 Where Did The Name Come From Anyways?

I chose the name keeping with the idea of making it fun for customers and staff. There was a show years ago called crank yankers, they would pretend to make prank phone calls and one of the characters I found hilarious, his name??? Junk Yard Willy, we decided on Trash Can Willys and ran with it and LOVE the name. I wanted our name to be fun and different and unique instead of all these stupid 800 junk company spin offs.

How’s The Company Doing?

The company and ethics has worked, worked out greatly to this point. I think our principles have helped make that happen. We operate with pride and a “can do happily” attitude because we love what we do. We help our customers, we do favors on-site moving furniture around for the elderly lady living alone, to helping the Do It Yourselfer bring in a heavy dresser while were there doing a junk removal just to lend a hand. I like to think we are an “old school” company, standing behind our hand shakes and doing exactly what we say we are going to do and when. I have always taken honoring my word to people with great pride and operate our company that way. Sure, we aren’t always perfect, every now and then a piece of junk may be overlooked, or we ran slightly late for a pickup, things happen in life. I can tell you we always make things right – calling ahead to let our customer know we are running behind, going back for that missed tire under the deck and so on. Its the greatest reward when we leave our customers, pulling away in the truck and knowing they liked us, the service, and the price… such a great feeling of accomplishment each stop, each day, each year.

We Protect Our Customers, Employees and The Environment

We also have all the proper protections for our customers, staff, and property in place. We carry all needed insurances and havent had an issue in going on 5 years of business. On our website to the right we make our insurances and credentials readily available. Something you should ask for when having a junk removal company do work for you on their property… In the area the last 4 years many other small “fly by night” companies have opened and advertise heavily but do not have ANY insurances in place. That means if something breaks on your property you arent covered, if one of their employees gets hurt you are at risk of being sued by that uninsured employee, and unfortuantly many of these companies will drive out in to the woods and illegally dump your items to avoid proper disposal practices and costs putting both them and you at risk by Federal Illegal Dumping enforced by the EPA, so please do also consider this, not only do we offer very very fair pricing, we also protect you, your home, our staff, and the environment from any unwanted circumstances. This is a big thing to consider.

In closing I do hope we gain the oppurtunity to be plugged in on your mobil phone contacts list to be used when you need your junk removed fairly, safetly, and responsibly. We hope to hear from you and good luck with the junk!!!

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