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We are extremely experienced in Piano Removal And Disposals. We have successfully removed over 500 pianos since we started the business in 2009. That said we are ready and able to effectively handle every and any type of piano removal. Since we have vast experience doing this the process is fast and without error, fast means savings as time is money as we all know. When having a piano removed by Trash Can Willys you can expect:

  • Our piano removal and disposal starts at just $149!!
  • Excellent client communication, we keep you informed and explain everything we are doing and plan to do
  • We carry all insurances to keep you and your property protected as well as our own staff
  • We go over piano removal safety every week to ensure the process is fast but safe
  • Courteous, polite, and professional service We treat every customer like our only customer
  • We book our appointments for our crew to arrive in 2 hour time slots, this way you are not waiting for us all day to show up
  • We always use pads, mats, and dollies that will fully protect your walls, furniture, and floors
  • We guarantee you the lowest rate you will find in writing
  • Sometimes we can even do a job for free if we can salvage and resell the piano!!

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How Piano Disposal Works

Piano removals typically go fairly fast. If you prefer the owner to come out and give a free estimate we can, we actually recommend it, however we can attempt to offer you a quote over the phone. When we quote prices over the phone we typically offer you a window of $40 for the price to fall into, in other words say we quote you 150-190,depending on what the crew thinks is the proper amount they will give you the final price after seeing what they are dealing with and always before we start the removal. We have to do this, no matter how many questions and even if you sent us pictures to review there’s always something that isn’t discussed or shown so we leave it up to our crew to finalize pricing upon arrival.

After verifying the final amount of the piano disposal our crew will determine with your help and concern the best way to remove the piano from the building. Our crew takes in to consideration walk way clearance, overhead clearance, other furnitures proximity, floor quality, stairs, weight, etc Once the plan has been set they will act fast while being careful and remove the piano and load it on the truck to be recycled. YES, recycled. We feel strongly about the environment and go out of our way to protect it. That said, in pianos there is a very heavy sound board made of cast iron, this is recycled.

Piano Disposal Pricing

Piano pricing varies greatly. The best way to find out the exact cost is to invite out the company owner for a free no obligation quote. This is the best way, we can guesstimate over the phone or offer advice and tips and a range of where it will fall and so can any other junk removal company but until you get someone out there you will just not be able to know for sure, we say this so you don’t fall for some of these local contractors that low ball you over the phone and then they do the job and its double the price. We do guarantee you excellent service for the best price in writing*. We do not do this because we are cheap or cut corners, we offer you the best service you could get for the fairest price we can give so we earn your business again in the future for one of the many services we offer.

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