Shed Demolition Services

It eventually happens. The shed in the backyard becomes unsightly and unsafe. Alot of times its just wear and tear from our harsh New England weather and sometimes its been smashed by a random falling tree, whatever your motive is for having your sehed disposed of we have the answer. We are a full service shed demolition service provider for all of Middle & Southern New Hampshire as well as North Eastern Massachusetts.  We promise our customers that they will get:

  • Shed demolition and removal starting as low as $149
  • Top notch professional, punctual, and polite service
  • The guaranteed lowest and fair price you will find*
  • Service that goes above and beyond to make sure you are happy
  • Every customer is treated like our only customer
  • Flexible scheduling, flexible payment options, fast service (sometimes we can tear down your shed the same day you call!)
  • We will leave your property looking like there was never a shed on it

How Our Shed Removal Works

We always like to come out and meet our customers, so the first step to starting the process is having our owner come out and take a look at the scope of your job. We will access the shed weight, size, and volume. Inspect the lay of the land to determine the best way for removing the debris, and finally determine a strategy for the tear down. After inspecting the shed and the land we will offer the lowest quote we can to earn your business. We do not do this because we are not quality, nor do we do it by cutting corners, we do it simply by giving our customers the maximum value for their hard earned dollars so you keep us in mind for the other services we offer, our aim is to hear from you again 🙂

Shed Demolition Pricing

Pricing can vary greatly depending upon how far we need to drive, the volume of the shed, the size, weight, and the logistics involved in tearing it down and respectfully removing the debris without causing damage to your landscaping. Shed removals start as low as $199 and can go as high as $750-$800. The best way to get a price is to have us come out and offer an estimate to earn your business. One more thing to consider, every now and then a shed is being removed for other reasons then disrepair, in these events sometimes we will offer to do the removal for half of what it would normally be or even for free if we feel we can potentially sell the shed.

Call us today to find out how much your junk removal will cost 603-490-2177

*We guarantee the lowest rate when compared to other upstanding, professional, and comparable companies. We reserve the right to not match a price below our operating costs

 Shed Removal Photos

This first example is similar to a shed but a little larger in scope. We did this removal for a fraction of the regular cost because we were able to find a buyer for it. It was a win win our client saved 75% over a normal removal, we were able to do the job for them, a local business got a smoking deal on a paint spray booth for vehicles. That’s just how we work:)

Before Shed Removal



after shed removal 1

After 1







after shed removal 2

After 2


shed removal successful

After Shed Removal 3, Like it was never even there!

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