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Why Use Our Plowing Services In Londonderry

Trash Can Willys Snow Plowing services start at just $30 per plow. We are Veteran owned and A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau in New Hampshire because:

Fast Service - We do not overload our routes so we get to you faster, this can be extremely important when you need to get out of your driveway to make it to work on time!

Extremely Affordable - We do not offer plowing services to get rich, we do it only to keep our men working through the winter so we do not have to lay them off, that said we price our local plowing services extremely reasonably because where we profit is keeping our plow drivers working.

Year Round Employees - This isn't a part-time winter job for extra money, our snow plow drivers are year long employees therefore they are extremely reliable and do not call out just because its cold out. Our men depend on this work, therefore you can depend on them and us.

Professionally Maintained Trucks - When plowing, no matter how perfect and new a truck is there are always problems that arise - frozen plow hydraulic lines, burned out plow solenoids, faulty plow controls - you name it, it will happen in the middle of a storm. We have an onsite plow truck mechanic that keeps are trucks running through every storm no matter what the conditions are!

Excellent Customer Service - We are extremely focused on keeping our customers happy and that starts with being in the know. There's nothing worse than not knowing when or how long it will take your plow guy to show up. Thats why we send out pre storm emails to set expectation and offer tips for the upcoming storm, updates are then sent during the storm via email and posted on our Facebook page. This way you always know whats going on so you can plan accordingly and life goes on 🙂

Easy Account Billing - Within 24 hours of your property being plowed you will receive an emailed invoice that you can then pay via credit card in less than 2 minutes. No writing checks and duct taping them to screen doors or hiding cash! After your account is setup, click one button and your bill is auto paid by your credit card on file. We also use a secure credit card processor so at no point in time is your card information visible to our staff.

Snow Removal Services Offered

  • Residential Snow Plowing Londonderry, NH
  • Commercial Snow Plowing Manchester, NH
  • Removal Of Snow To Offsite Locations Derry, NH
  • Roof Raking Services Londonderry New Hampshire
  • Ice Dam Removal Derry New Hampshire

*Shoveling service - Shoveling is available for an extra charge on a case by case situation and is subject to availability on a limited basis

Why Not Call Us 603-490-2177

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snow plowing company serving londonderry litchfield derry and manchester nh

Areas Serviced For Snow Plowing in New Hampshire

  • Londonderry 03053
  • Litchfield 03052
  • Derry 03038, 03041
  • Manchester 03101, 03102, 03103, 03104, 03105, 03106, 03107, 03108, 03109, 03110, 03111

How It Works & Getting Started

  1. Fill out the form below
  2. We will then come out to your location and formulate the best price we can give for plowing your property (no one needs to be present)
  3. Our Snow Removal Operations Manager will call to discuss your estimate as well as emailing you the quote
  4. If desired we will add you to our plow route and open a billing account with a credit card on file on our encrypted server
  5. Your designated plow driver will visit your property before the first snow and mark off your property using our snow stakes

Thats it, your setup and we automatically come when it snows more than 2" (unless otherwise noted)