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Why Invest in A Trash Can Willys Franchise?


Revenue has grown by 35% minimum, every year, for 13 years in a row.

The lowest entry costs in the industry as low as $65,000Larger territories with fewer owners = stronger growth than most franchises can offer

A multitude of revenue streams - many exempt of franchise royalties

Uniqueness - We offer an add on franchise that compliments this business and reduces dumping costs by as much as 50% - This is not offered by another company on Earth.

This is a Pandemic proof business model - We got busier


  • Willing to listen and change processes and procedures if something makes sense
  • The ability to use a pickup truck with a dump trailer, a used box truck, a gas box truck, a diesel larger box truck - franchisee’s choice each offers advantages and disadvantages if branded
  • Not every single little decision you make will need approval like the larger companies
  • Used truck financing availability


  • This business allows for a flexible schedule and an amazing quality lifestyle
  • Owners can be as deeply involved in the business as they would like or have a strong manager in place
  • Once operations are setup and employees trained, the business can be managed effortlessly
  • Our branch owners enjoy profits, flexible schedules, time with family, they rarely miss important family events, and vacation often
  • Don’t rely on anyone to decide what your bonus is, reward yourself when you think you should
  • Real Estate - Our experienced operators are advised to invest in owning their business properties
  • This business is your retirement - with the market as crazy as it is put your retirement destiny in your own hands and under your own control - franchise businesses sell for much more than a common sole proprietorship - you don’t need a 401k doing this

A Reputable Brand

  • We are veteran owned which draws in many customers
  • A portion of proceeds are donated to a good cause Wounded Warrior Family Support Fund
  • Donations to local charities (furniture not ready for dump but not good enough to sell)
  • A franchise rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau
  • A proven track record of success for 13 years giving us stability
  • A catchy name that stands out to the rest of the 800 junk companies with character

Leadership With Vision

  • A growth strategy that has been proven to work that helps TCW dominate competing franchises in local markets
  • A capable and competent president with Strong digital marketing experience allowing our brand to dominate the top of search engines to create exceptional lead generation while lowering per job acquisition costs
  • A franchise management team with a combined 27 years of experience in the industry to help guide you
  • With so much experience in the industry we have recognized the pitfalls of the business and can guide you to avoid said setbacks, so you are streamlined for success

Competitive Advantages – Customer Facing

  • Larger trucks used than the competition which equates to less time spent dumping or driving to dumps which lowers operating costs therefore lowers your customers spend and reduces fuel costs
  • Aggressive recycling that reduces your dumping cost vs the competition equating to a customer savings
  • We typically can pay our employees better and offer them tip opportunities from customers which affords us better quality staffing and a happier customer in the end
  • Refined marketing messaging paired with a call center that closes 75% of all calls reduces your per job acquisition cost therefore you can charge less and beat any legitimate company’s estimate out there
  • We guarantee to beat any legitimate competitors written pricing
  • Using our service helps support veterans

We do What Makes Sense

  • Our training and systems are efficient, and an efficient business is a profitable business
  • We always are looking for ways to reduce operating expenses to continue to offer customers better service at a greater value than the competition
  • We have employee auditing software and an internal pricing application that standardizes pricing for customers and staff alike in an industry with no standard pricing models

Why Franchise with Us Vs Them

  • Less startup costs
  • Our franchises will be more profitable with larger territories
  • A multitude of revenue streams with many not requiring royalty fees
  • A strong in-house digital marketing team that will always keep leads flowing at a more affordable customer acquisition cost
  • Your territory is full protected and will never overlap with another franchisee
  • We offer an add on retail business that compliments this business by reducing dumping costs by as much as 50% - No other franchise on earth offers this

A National Franchising Strategy That Will Take the Nation & Competition By Storm

  • Larger territories so our franchisee’s growth is not hindered
  • Better service at a lower cost for customers
  • More efficient operations
  • Reduced operating costs vs the competition
  • Multi-faceted revenue streams
  • Additional revenue streams that are not charged royalties to make our branches more profitable
  • Less possibility of franchisees competing against one another in market overlaps

All the above is geared to make financially stable operators that flat out have larger advertising budgets than our smaller competing franchises so we can out advertise them slowly choking their supply of customers in any market over a 5-year span to eventually dominate the industry nationwide

So what area are you hoping to apply for?

How It All Started

13 years ago, Steve Heimsath, the company president, relocated from Boston to Southern New Hampshire. After having some boxes build up, he called a few junk removal companies in the area to offer him some pricing on removal of the debris. After getting several quotes he was blown away by the pricing and decided to buy a small 5x8 trailer, hook it up to his family’s ford explorer and bring it all to the local dump. He didn’t know it at the time, but he had just unwittingly started what would become a multi-million-dollar business. While doing the junk removal he was thinking about the outlandish pricing he was given, knew he could offer better service at better pricing that would help people get rid of their junk in his area more affordably. At the time Steve was running his own digital marketing agency that was slowing down at the end of 2008 because of the recession so he decided to build a website for the junk removal company and see if he could make some cash on the side to make up for the drop in business, but he needed a name. One night Steve spent hours thinking of names and finally arrived at Trash Can Willys Junk Removal Service. His goal initially was just to do 3 jobs a week – Mon, Wed, and Fri on his lunch break. Little did he know how quickly the business would explode. By May of 2009 he had shut down the digital marketing agency and started operating Trash Can Willys full time. Almost 13 years later Trash Can Willys has taken over the Southern New Hampshire market for junk removal and has seen such unbelievable success the only next logical step is to franchise and help others raise their quality of living and enjoy the sweet taste of success this business model can afford those who are willing to buy into the Trash Can Willys vision.

A Recession & Pandemic Proof Industry = Junk Removal

The Vision

Through the years Steve changed jobs often, he couldn’t bring himself to work in a corporate environment – the red tape, the ridiculous inefficient procedures, the general bs of it all. Steve wanted to run a larger size junk removal company but have a feeling of family that a smaller mom and pop business offers staff, with that type of approach is how we relate to our staff. One common family working to one united goal – “Offering our customer’s old school, quality service for the fairest price possible with a smile”. We go above and beyond for our customers and our staff to ensure a happy transaction with amazing value for the customer all while taking care of our employees and letting them know, we always have their back.

How That Vision Guides Daily Operations

There’s nothing we can’t stand more than corporate speak and inefficiency. We always strive to do what makes sense and avoid cookie cutter type of generic operations you would find at our competitors and feel it’s for this reason we easily take over market share wherever we plant our flags. We offer amazing customer service on the phones in our call center that handles all calls for the franchises. We give courtesy calls on our way to a customer’s house. We give them tremendous value through our unique pricing structure that does not charge them for how much room they take up in our truck, but for what their load actually costs to dispose of (typically 30% less than all other franchises). Our staff is paid well, receive tips, and proper support from our shift leaders resulting in a staff that is happy at work and willing to go above and beyond to ensure each, and every single customer is fully satisfied by the end of their junk removal visit. We send signed personal thank you cards, thank you emails, and 6-month reminder to keep them a loyal Trash Can Willys customer for years.

What We Are Looking for In Our Future Franchise Owners

A great saying I heard once that couldn’t ring truer for this business and has stuck with me through the years because I really think it sums things up well is -

“Being an entrepreneur is living a few years like most people won’t, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t”

Running your own business, especially in the beginning takes blood, sweat, and tears sometimes and it’s the ones that are truly driven with a fire to succeed that will prevail. Obviously, those are the people we want to partner with. Someone that is competent and willing to do whatever it takes to win and succeed.

how to start a junk removal franchise
Think of this saying throughout your first year starting your junk removal franchise

Whether that requires answering the phone 100 times in one day or to lifting a massive pool table up 5 flights of stairs, you will be able and willing to do anything the business requires to succeed. It’s hard in the beginning, it may require a lot of hours, your upmost dedication, a driving hunger to succeed and the want to give your family an amazing future. People skills are required, the physical ability to do the job is preferred or at least having a manager that can work with you to handle the physicality the job requires. Some competencies in computers, email, Microsoft Office is really needed as well. The more technically inclined someone is, the better. In the end nothing makes up for more than having a driving fire within to succeed. If you have that, we should talk no matter what.

The Opportunity

There are tons of junk removal franchises out there. They are all cookie cutter operations with high franchise fees set in stone, every one of them works the same way. Limits on growth, royalties on everything, rules about everything with no room for discussion, small territories, little trucks, tight corporate structure with tight rules, over-priced services, with zero effort on fulfillment on the back end to reduce said over pricing, volumes of customers with no names, and really very little true business savvy or the ability for franchisees to make recommendations to better the company. Exactly the opposite of how we work.

When we started, we had zero experience in the business. We evolved to this point by thinking outside the box. The result of this development absent the mainstream large franchise procedures it led to us being more unique in the way we operate. We did what made snse for us, which just so happened to be about as far from the way the big franchises operate as possible and for the better. We focus more on knowing our customers. Our motto is to “treat every customer like our only customer”, and it shows in our reviews and repeat business levels. Our pricing structure is completely different from our competitors because of how we handle the junk we take away; this affords us a 10-30% decrease in pricing compared to the rest which fuels are growth and domination of the markets we are in and will be in. We are aggressive on the back end and have many ways to offset a lot of our dump costs, which again adds to our out pricing the competition, what customers really care about. Afterall, why would they want to pay a premium for getting rid of garbage? We have always had an open forum and are always open to recommendations and ideas from our staff and will have the same open line of communication with our franchise owners. If you have a better way of doing things, let’s look at it and consider it. We use larger trucks, larger trucks mean your dumping less, which equals less expenses and more cost savings for the customer. We offer our franchise owners a multitude of revenue streams, some that are not charged royalties and actually help to offset the royalty costs. We give much larger territories to help inspire your growth rather than hinder it. We have lower franchise fees, and royalty fees. Finally, we even offer a thrift store retail component as an add on franchise to further help build you a multitude of revenue streams.

Our Strategy as A Franchise Into The Future

In the end we do not want 200+ franchise owners all struggling to survive and having to compete against one another like the other franchises out there. Instead, we plan to have 50-65 owners, all with large territories to grow unimpeded, so that each franchise owner is so strong they can out advertise all other smaller competing franchises to take over and dominate every market we are in, as we have done with our sole corporate location.

Below you will find some of the more commonly asked questions. After reading those that pertain, please submit your information so we can discuss the future possibilities together on a more personal level.

Franchising With Trash Can Willys - FAQ's

Is Franchising a Junk Removal Business For You?

Does any of the following sound like you?

  • Do you have the need for self independence?
  • Would you prefer to be your own boss?
  • Do you have a driven desire to be successful?
  • Is the income you are making just not cutting it?
  • Do you need to make your own schedule?
  • Can you manage an efficient profitable business if shown how?
  • Are you organized with good communication skills??
  • Do you feel like your talents are going unnoticed or unappreciated?
  • Will you take pride in your work, if the work is for your own business?
  • Are you looking for a long meaningful career?
  • Do you enjoy helping people solve problems?
  • Would you consider yourself a "self starter"?
  • Do you simply want more out of life than punching a time clock or asking when you can have a day off?

If the above describes you fairly well, then you may be a candidate for running your own junk removal franchise