How Could We Possibly Offer Free Junk Pickups!?

Well unlike other junk removal companies who pickup your junk and haul it straight to the dump, we take a more resourceful approach! We have to so we can offer free services!

Alot of times when we visit our customers homes and properties we are surprised to find that the items to be disposed of arent exactly junk. Sometimes items that need to be removed are still useful and even valuable! For whatever reason they need to be removed there is no reason for these items to be dumped in a landfill.... Enter our now famous "Willy Whack Discount"!!

How We Handle The Diamonds In The Rough

So our crews believe it or not have a fairly good knowledge of what second hand tools, antiques, furniture, etc are selling for through various mediums. The disposal crew is able to actually determine what your item's fair market value is taking in to account it's age, condition, features, etc. Once our crew has determined a fair market value, they will offer you up to a 50% discount based off that dollar amount to be subtracted from the cost to dispose of your junk! When this combined valuation for your entire removal is totaled if it is equal to the cost of your removal, it's free! Sometimes we even end up paying you to take away your junk!!

So if you think your junk may have value give us a call and lets see what we can do? Worst case scenerio you save a minimum of 30% by using us compared to our local competitors!

Give Us A Call At 603-490-2177

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