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Whether you need our entire house cleanout service or just a basement, attic, or garage we offer the fast, reliable, and affordable services! We service all of New Hampshire and North East Massachusetts including Suffolk and Essex county.

Whether your trying to hit a scheduled sales walk-through deadline, have the town or state demanding the property be cleaned up, or simply just want your property decluttered and cleaned up, we can respond swiftly. We are typically able to get your house cleanout service scheduled within two days of your calling and no matter what the size of the job we can usually have them completed in as soon as one to three days.

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house cleanout service
Before our property cleanout services
after property cleanout pic
After we had removed all junk from the property

House Cleanout Service Common Questions

There maybe items of value, how does that work?

Unlike other companies in the area, we are the only junk removal company that will actually buy items of value instead of charging you to take them away. Learn more about that here...

Do I need to be present for the house cleanout service?

If we can get to the items you do not need to be there. We will call upon arrival, verify the pricing upfront if you did not get an onsite estimate. We will get busy removing the items and when we are finished sweeping up behind ourselves we will call to take payment via credit card. For your peace of mind we can also send pictures via text of the areas where the junk was, and is no longer.

What do I need to do to prepare for an estimate or removal?

Nothing at all. We are very good at what we do and can guide you through the estimate by you simply just pointing out an area of junk and giving us an idea of how much will go. When we are doing the removal, all you have to do is point and our crews remove the items from where they sit 🙂 Effortless house cleanup service...well for you.

What about food, will you take it? What do you do with it?

You name it we take it. If the food is not expired it will go straight to a local soup kitchen to help our communities needy and homeless

Can you take paints, stains, gas, oil, antifreeze and things of that nature?

No unfortunately during your house cleanout service we cannot take those items as they are considered HAZMAT. Below are some helpful links to help you dispose of those items depending upon where you are located:

  • Southern NH
  • Lakes Region
  • Seacoast Region
  • Essex County
  • Suffolk County


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