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Why Trash Can Willys Junk Removal Service

  • A veteran owned, local junk removal service, rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau!
  • The absolute best price to get rid of your junk, our service starts at only $35!
  • We beat any written estimate! Always 30% less than the rest!
  • No job is too big or too small, you name it we haul it ALL!
  • You point to your junk and we remove it from where it sits! 
  • We use the largest trucks in the area, 30% larger trucks mean you pay 30% less!
  • Need same day junk pickup services fast? We can help!
  • We donate or recycle up to 85% of the junk we haul away!
  • By using our service you help us to support our Wounded Warriors and their families
  • Sometimes we even buy your unwanted junk if it has value!

Serving all New Hampshire,  Massachusetts East of Worcester, and  The Seacoast Of New Hampshire and Southern Maine

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3 Simple Steps To Schedule Your Junk Removal

  1. Select the date and two hour time frame that's best for you
  2. We call 20 minutes before arrival 
  3. Upon arrival, our crew offers our best pricing upfront - if you agree 90% of the time we can remove your items on the spot!

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*Please note - Final pricing is always determined upon crew arrival

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Some Examples Of Junk We Haul Away

If you don't t see an item you want removed and disposed of listed below, do not fear! We can literally take away anything and everything except for paint and flammable liquids!

Please Note - Some items require additional disposal fees. Please understand these are OUR COSTS at a discount to dispose of these items, we do not make a profit on these items, we remove them as a helpful favor for our customers:

  • Televisions and monitors - $25 each (There are toxic chemicals involved in disposing televisions and monitors which makes them expensive to dispose of)
  • Mattresses and Box Springs $20 each (the metal and coils need to be separated from the rest of the materials adding cost to disposal)
  • Refrigerators and Air Conditioners $25 each (the freon needs to be professionally reclaimed from these, that makes the expense)
  • Car tires - $5 ea Semi-Truck Tires - $10 Cat Tires - Please Call

Our Junk Hauling Service Explained Thoroughly

Step 1 - Call and get a quick phone estimate or schedule a free onsite estimate

To get the ball rolling to use our junk removal service you can contact us by phone or if outside business hours, you can fill in the quote request form at the top of this page and we will return your call in the morning.

Once in contact we will determine a "GUESSTIMATED" quote over the phone (we need to see the items to offer an exact junk hauling price). We will ask how many pickup trucks you would fill with the junk you wish to get removed without piling it up over the sides like the "Beverly Hillbillies" 🙂 just to get an idea in layman's terms how much junk you need hauled away (**see figure to the right).

For larger junk hauling jobs, we will typically schedule a free, no obligation, onsite estimate at your convenience anytime Monday through Saturday between 8am and 6pm. Our estimate time frames are one hour in duration and we call when we are 15 minutes away. Our junk hauling and removal estimates are always handled by either of our branch General Managers - Matt Martin or Tavis Marceau. If you are looking for an exact price upfront this is the way to go because it gives you upfront pricing that is guaranteed not to change, unless of course the amount of items to be removed changes after our estimate.

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Imagine a truck like this when getting a phone quote for our junk hauling

Step 2 - Scheduling and the removal process

Scheduling and Service - After offering a quote we then schedule your junk hauling and removal date and time at your convenience. Our professional crew will show up within a two hour designated time frame, always calling 15 minutes ahead of their arrival as a courtesy. Upon arrival, they will ask to see exactly what needs to be removed and verify the exact price upfront. Typically, our exact price is within the estimated phone quote, however, prices can vary until we actually see the items that need to go. Please note - We do our absolute best to give you are most accurate "guesstimate" as humanly possible on the phone, 90% of the time we are within the range given by the crew,  but please understand exact pricing is given by the crew upon arrival after they see your unwanted items. Phone quotes are our best "guesstimate"

After seeing everything to be removed our crew will offer you our exact price upfront, at this time you are not obligated to use our service but we promise you will simply not find a better price. We know our competitors, our pricing is by far the best. If you agree to service 95% of the time we can do the job on the spot, unless the removal is larger than what we anticipated based on our phone conversation.

During the debris removal process, all you need to do is point and our crew will safely remove the items from where they sit on the property and load them onto the truck. Whether your trash is in the basement, attic, garage, or shed we remove everything doing all the work, taking items from where they sit. Our crew is always very friendly and helpful during the removal process they can help you sort through the junk piles and set aside any items you wish to keep or move around the house for you:) Most competitors will not help you sort your junk free of extra charges and almost all require you to have the load ready to go in the driveway or garage, we do not. We remove your items from wherever they are located on the property in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Step 3 - Discounts and payments

If we stumble across many items we can recycle, donate, or even any items we can resell we will happily offer you additional savings by applying the proper discounts. After we finish loading, we will do a quick sweep of any debris from our work and then ask that do a walk through with our crew to ensure everything has been removed to your satisfaction. Upon your approval we will then accept payment. Suitable methods for payment include credit cards, debit cards, or cash. We prefer not to take personal checks but can accept estate checks, certified checks, or business checks. After settling the bill our driver will give you a receipt and a gracious thank you and thats it. Very simple - stress, headache, and backache free:)

Our Pricing vs The "Other" Guys

junk removal service pricing

A minimum savings of over 30% vs the local competition - We do not actually use pickup trucks for picking up junk. We use the largest box trucks in Massachusetts or New Hampshire!

How does this benefit you, our customer? Well, less trips hauling junk to the dump equals cost savings. These cost savings are most prevalent when we compare our full truck pricing to our competitors. 1800 Got Junk, Junk King, and every other local spin-off franchise all use 10' foot rack body trucks. They charge an average of $750 for a full truck. Our 17' trucks hold 2.5 times the amount of their trucks and we only charge a little more than their full truck price!! This amounts instantly to savings of over 30% for our customers! Then if you add on our coupons or the additional discounts we give for items we can donate, recycle, or resell that the competition doesn't even offer, you are talking a tremendous difference in pricing and why we know our price will always be the very best price you will find! We also have a whopping 28' box truck for larger whole house cleanouts! It's the largest junk hauling truck in Massachusetts or New Hampshire! We do whatever makes sense to ensure our customers the lowest price possible to dispose of their unwanted items while offering superior customer service!

Look at the above info graphic. It clearly shows what a complete rip off the other companies charge their customers in the area! They charge $190 per for a pickups worth of junk removed minimum! In contrast, a pickup truck of junk hauled by us with no discounts or coupons is only $120 to $150... AND only 10% of our customers do not qualify for additional discounts or have coupons. With our coupons and discounts you pay as little as $80 to $120 per pickup load of junk removed! Thats almost a 50% savings over the "other" junk hauling companies!

A Tip For Customers Planning On Shopping Junk Removal Services In Nh and Ma

Everyone of course wants to know "How much is this gonna cost" and most people have the common knee jerk reaction to start calling around getting prices, the only problem is, this is not a service you can get a true accurate price with over the phone. You will save yourself a lot of time and frustration by getting a proper onsite estimate. This way you are comparing actual real pricing and not just guesstimates 🙂