Talk about a unique gift! Whether for a spouse, family member, close friend, boss, or even a grab bag gift... your unique gift will be cherished and greatly appreciated! After all, everyone has junk they need to get rid of, so why not give something unique this year, the gift of DECLUTTERING!

  • Same as cash value! *Any change will be given to the recipient
  • Good for any service
  • You name it we take it: trash, junk, furniture, ANYTHING
  • No job too big or too small
  • No expiration date
  • Guaranteed not to be re-gifted!

When purchasing your Trash Can Willys e Gift Card you can either have it emailed to yourself (so you can print it off and place it in a card for the recipient) -or- you can send it directly to the person via email on a specific future date of your choice. When the e gift card is eventually sent it will include your custom greeting and you will get a notification they have received the email! Simple, easy, and fun!


We sold out fast last year, hurry and get yours now for 2017/2018

3 Affordable Solutions For Disposing Of Your Junk!

Whatever your budget we have the answer!

Full Service Junk Removal

All you have to do is point and we remove it. We remove your junk from wherever it may sit on your property!

Why does our pricing rock? Well, unlike other junk removal companies we do not squeeze everyone into a "one price fits all" pricing structure.

We discount junk removals based on:

  • Your location, or where our truck route is on the given day you prefer to have your junk picked up and removed
  • If you have a lot of unwanted items that aren't necessarily junk, and may even have some value, we take that into consideration! We essentially buy your junk by discounting your removal! We then sell these items in our "Not So Junky, Junk Store"!
  • Do you have unwanted items that may not offer much value, but could still possibly be used? We will donate the items and discount your junk removal! Last year we donated over $55,ooo worth of merchandise to the Epilepsy Foundation alone!
  • Do you have a lot of items made from different types of metals? How about laptops, computer towers, bicycles, or file cabinets? These are just a few items we can discount your removal for based on volume! Last year we recycled over 1.2 million pounds of scrap metal items!
  • In addition to helping you get the lowest price possible for our full service junk removal this approach also helps our environment by keeping items that aren't trash out of our landfills!

Learn more about our full service junk removal by clicking here...

Do It Yourself Junk Removal
Curbside Pickup Services

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